Wednesday 10 July 2024

10-July-2024 List of A High DA PA Profile Backlinks


Creating a list of high Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) profile backlinks involves identifying reputable websites where you can create a profile and include a link back to your own site. Here's a brief list of platforms and websites known for their high DA and PA:

LinkedIn - A professional networking site with high authority, allowing you to include links in your profile.

Pinterest - While primarily visual, Pinterest profiles can include website links, offering valuable backlink opportunities. - A platform where you can create a personal profile with links to your other online presences.

GitHub - Ideal for tech-oriented profiles and projects, GitHub profiles often rank well in search engines. 

Behance - A platform for creative professionals to showcase their work, with the ability to include links.

AngelList - Focuses on startups and investors, allowing profile creation with links to company websites.

Crunchbase - Profiles on this platform often rank high in search results, offering visibility in tech and startup industries. 

Moz - Known for SEO expertise, Moz's community profile allows links to your website.

Quora - While primarily a Q&A site, profiles can include links to websites and blogs.

Medium - A blogging platform where profiles include links, and posts can rank well in search engines.

Remember, the effectiveness of profile backlinks depends not only on DA and PA but also on relevance to your niche and how natural the link appears. Always prioritize quality over quantity when building backlinks for SEO purposes.


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